Sunday, July 05, 2015

Takes one to know one

When the media start accusing particular politicians of running scare campaigns , thinking people outta smell a rat . Greenlabor lost their right to rule cause they failed to be reasonable about risk , they woory too much - closing down industries (like cattle and oil ) on a mere threat from their own ;  ignorance and inexperience in the media means they don't know who to believe ; for them to fall for cloned drip feeders shows how little wisdom they often have --there are more objective professsionals out there and their surnames don't all end with Flattery or Flannery .
Clearly they don't know enough about what they are talking about to know the different dangers in fracking and the finite risks from exploiting  a natural connection to coal seam gas - all industry interactions with nature are bad .
The worry warriors are finally losing their opportunities to scream blue murder from their very own soapbox ........and getting fanatical over the threat to their power

Most wouldn't realize today  that Barnaby Joyce today dealt with the issues in a concrete way which should slow down their sad case of worry warring.

Except of course places like QandA where its run like a Colosseum. Those who can't stand football on weekend get to see the other team suffer on Monday  night,
Why a Colosseum? Where if you listen to audio you might think its fair game in a democracy but if you look in all dimensions the panel is  a set stronghold;  the questions are vetted and there is  strong fence between those who smile and those treated with snide; where one group is always moving on and the other is never going to get anywhere ;;;except to be sport . Go Paul Kelly - not before time . ABC hypocrisy. not a game ; a sport.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Real nature of evil

We of course don't sell it here . That would really be to corner the market . But of course to be successful in our line of work we have to know what it is and where it is . Lots of people thinks they know. But anyone who does know either doesn't shop here or doesn't need to shop here . Sure they pray we will go out of business but we are not worried . Such people could do us out of business if they had their way . They would do harry potter and lots of great youth filmmakers out of business too if the audience was aware of how its being hidden here and there and everywhere . Despite the confusion, we have no worries about a widespread discovery ever happening .After all , prominent people and parties play the game 

For anyone who wants to know how to talk sense on the subject of evil - the one unseen , unknown and denied by most reactionaries , see the soon to be released  " Evil in Modern Thought " by Susan Neiman


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Those who push will eventually get pushed

Climate debate is lost because of a spin alliance amongst those who seek to move the people without moving their minds. Your margins in profits for an educational profile will never be good , so why do we tell you this? Well  , Christmas is coming and we at the fearmongers shop are sick of all those who copy us and don't have the same level of integrity  

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The environmentalists are always fearful

"This is a real risk " they say with lots of facts to justify the impeding disaster . The trouble is that after a while the  disaster doesn't happen and the  same old worriers keep making the same claims find something new to worry about and  keep changing the solutions  . They need a dose of sunlight to change their mood . 

The environmentalists are always fearful

"This is a real risk " they say with lots of facts to justify the impeding disaster . The trouble is that after a while the  disaster doesn't happen and the  same old worriers keep making the same claims find something new to worry about and  keep changing the solutions  . They need a dose of sunlight to change their mood . 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally our Heavy armour goes on special

Sticks and stones will keep bears at bay , but nonone advertises that they are great things to use to create an effective defense dialogue, because you don't have to buy them from us.

We would go out of business if people used their heads rather than let us lead them .People don't need head protection .....they need to use their heads.
So much government expenditure would be completely unecessary if people realized they should use their heads .
The decline in demand for head protection didn't come from those in power who keep there power by solving ( or appearing to solve ) problems that, if the people thought about it , they could solve much more quickly and efficiently.

The government have been so busy spending our money giving warnings about wars that they don't even know what people should wear anyway ( People around Marysville in February 2009 weren't told that even a space suit would NOT stop them from dying if the sacred forest next to them caught alight on a hot summers day.
As David found , you can have all the right technology at your disposal, but if you lack wisdom and soundly based courage,  you can still lose !

Monday, December 07, 2009

Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen- let nothing you DISMAY

NEW ANTI- DISMAY Spray Air freshening Aerosol 300ml .

Spray it around the dining area if you feel a discussion on climate change looming to spoil your together time at Christmas dinner. Keeps the flies away and is perfect for those who don't want religion talk to dominate at the dinner table. From those innovative aussies!
Prevent disaster talk from turning your dinner table into a disaster area.

Be quick: we expect it to sell like hot cakes . Perhaps even replacing the fruitcakes we suspect get secret invitations to appear at this time . Fruitcakes will most certainly be on special after Christmas - as they always are at the fearmongers shop

Comes with all the words of the old song - sing it before you dine.
My dear wife suggested to me that this song from the 16th century was "obviously" written by a lutheran ( to use another of Garrison Keillors famously brilliant badges) .Where for example are the gentlewomen - not resting indeed. Well its up to you and half the country to promote Mother Christmas - then you might get a gig and some children on your knee . "Yes dear" I said ( I always get the last word) thinking "you need to be reminded just how intelligent women can be sometimes ......and why in particular she chose me and i her " because she was right.
We must make it easier for mums when the boys are in charge
Back to the point BUT ; the word "dismay" and how that word was used then and since should not be lost when it happens to be the word of the moment ! note also the word efface in one of the verses.

If you drop in today you will get 10 " i offer to tidy up/ help mum ....for ... hrs ..each week " tokens to put inside your presents. Be quick
Credibility on the ground is what counts at Christmas time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Horror movie on special

Horror movies are fine provided you don't think your backyard is really as bad as the one you just saw on the screen
The problem is then - in your mind.
The press and politicians are prone to try and mess with your mind.
Due to growing disinterest, the horror movie of last year is going out on sale ." An inconvenient truth " >moreon

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